myTextarea as a Minimalist Tool for Writers


As computer software mature and its base of users grow, companies tend to continually tweak their functions and add features so that the programs can meet everyone’s needs. Often, the changes are universally accepted, but other times it marginalizes users looking for a specialized and just plain simple program.

Some copywriters believe that modern tools have so many features and options that it interrupts their focus and actually hinders their creative efforts. Because of this hindrance, some writers have forsaken the computer and instead use typewriters or pen and paper.

That said, using those tools may also hinder the ability to create efficiently, but that’s the trade-off. When you’re a writer, offers you a workspace with minimal distractions for maximum productivity. (Tip: setting your browser window full screen.)

I have recommended this online text editor to many people who are struggling with writer’s block or constant procrastination and got lots of positive reactions.